Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lets Get Right To It

Thanks for coming back.Lets get right into it the #2 most valuable thing i have learned is I needed to identify my bad eating habits and learn how to change them and for me it was very difficult at first but once I learned why I did the wrong thing it made it alot easier. I have been eating to many high carb and high sugar products for so long that my insulin production was to high and when i would go for any period of time without carbs or sweets my blood sugar would drop my body would think it was hungry and the cravings would start. Once I learned how to get my blood sugar levels regulated and my insulin production at normal levels the cravings stopped and i  started feeling much better. Without those cravings i feel more in control and now I can concentrate on making sure i get the proper nutrition. This small bit of knowledge coupled with my long term and short term weekly goals has made this process almost effortless for me and like the many times before when i have had difficulties and gave up this had really been the key element that has kept me moving forward. Many thanks for youre time and support come back soon as I will keep updating and sharing my info. Scott

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